Digital Works Subheading

My work in the digital realm can be seen in photography sets, photographic visualizations, vector art creations and of course this portfolio. Opportunites have also arisen to create vector based motion graphics for clients, an exciting first for me. In the near future, they will be available publicly, and I will share them here. Until then, enjoy the digital offerings I share with you now.

I enjoy the art of photography. I find it a very relaxing and energizing pursuit and fun way to be creative. It's enjoyable to find a subject and document it, and then discover something special about it upon reflection. I have no particular muse or style, rather I enjoy the various methods, styles and subject matter that can be captured by an interested eye.

This image came from spending time photographing Pittsburgh and capturing elements of the unique neighborhoods that comprise the city. This mural is located in the South Side, a neighborhood teeming with vibrancy.

This photo of my wife was part of an essay on the process of a runner on race day. I captured this image shortly after she crossed the finish line. I love the expression of accomplishment she exudes.

On a moonless night experimenting with long exposures, I captured this image. While it was not quite what I intended, I found the ghostly images of me moving from spot to spot captivating and the light patterns mesmerizing.

I love taking portraits of my dogs. They make great subjects and capturing them reveals so much of their unique personalities. This is my dog Olive, a sweet girl who lives to cuddle, run through the yard and provide levity and love.

We ask of others the ability to imagine how things are when we describe projects or concepts. But sometimes mere imagination is not enough. Here is where visualization comes into play. And with Photoshop, one can do wonders.

I created this image as a request to visualize how a monorail would look in this urban setting. What was fun about this image was turning a dreary overcast day into clear skies, and building the infrastructure using a mix of vector art and images. The greenery under the infrastructure makes a nice touch, too.

This project was a challenge. I was provided an image of an existing car that needed major changes to be presented to a new client. I eliminated the background outside the car, interior window screens, extraneous hardware, changed seat and wall colors and rebuilt several wall panels. A lot of work, but very satisfying upon completion.

Here the task was to replace some of the single stancions, seen in the foreground, with tri handle stancions. Using sample imagery, the final image came together nicely, with additional visualization of LCD screens added for modernization and a bit of clean up work for aesthetic purposes.

This was a really fun project, where the idea was to visualize if it were possible to take a big rig and modify it into a super truck. Changes were made to the rear end, cab height, stacks, wheel base and position and the addition of a truck bed onto the vehicle completed the illusion.

Like many, when I first ventured into vector artwork, the pen tool terrified me. Now, also like many, it's one of my favorite tools. It's amazing how much you can do with one simple tool, and how much fun using it can be.

Here is a series illustrations I created for various projects. I find these enjoyable as they provide a nice cross section of the types of vector art that I have done thus far and enjoy creating.

A cool aspect of vector art I enjoy exploring is conveying message and meaning with only a few simple shapes. Using just a few basic shapes and colors with text overlays, I created this infographic with a mixture of artwork and iconography to convey specific information to a client. The results are an eye catching and attention grabbing methodology to information conveyance.

Continuing in that vein, I love icons. I love how with just a few design elements they can convey a wealth of information, instructions and guidance in mere seconds to their intended audiences. I find creating and developing icons a great deal of fun. The icons here represent samples from four different sets, each designed and tailored to a specific client and communicating specific key messages and differentiators.

The fun part of vector art, iconography and infographics is when put together, they integrate very well into a new and bold design. This melding of the three, with iconic imagery based upon comic book favorites, integrates all three concepts into delivering key data in a fun and recognizable way.