Finding the right designer is challenging. Not only skill and talent are required, but also personality, flexibility, style and many more factors come into play. When faced with finding someone to fit into an established environment with the skills to provide beautiful yet informative designs, an employer or client needs outside references. Well look no further. Here are a few recommendations and testimonials those familiar with my work have said. I like to think my work speaks for itself, but I much appreciate the wonderful endorsements and feedback provided.

As I said before, do not just take my word for it. Let others convince you I am the one to conquer your design challenges.

Brian is a pillar of the Systems Americas Bid Management team at Bombardier Transportation. Brian consistently works to improve his skill set through his obvious dedication to learning, both in his area of expertise (graphic media) and in his industry (mass transit). His already broad knowledge base is an invaluable asset to this company; he has proven to be a mentor and resource to not only his teammates, but his superiors, too. Brian's excellent work ethic and attention to detail continue to increase the aesthetics and quality of both our digital and traditional media deliverables. Simply put, Brian makes Bombardier look good.


Working with Brian in the Bids department, I have seen Brian deliver quality proposal content (both words and graphics) continuously over many proposals. He sets high standards for the content he manages, and not only delivers himself, but gets others to meet his high standards also. Brian's creativity not only comes through in his graphics, but in finding solutions to problems and challenges, and finding and implementing new ways and tools for the department. Brian also works well under pressure, a great quality when your delivering proposals with hard deadlines. A great coworker.


I have been working with Brian for more than 8 years as of summer of 2017. During this period, Brian undertook and continues to go through training and courses to advance his craft. Brian has the ability to interpret what I (as a Bid Manager) conceptualize and no matter how disjointed and cryptic I convey what I wish to see in our proposal design, graphics, layout and packages. After a few minutes (normally 15 to 30) of concept discussions, he can put thoughts to paper and is also quite open and receptive when change of direction is needed. I look forward to see Brian advance further in his design skills, and am fortunate to have a creative colleague like him as an integral part of our bids and proposal team. Hey Brian, can you spare 15 minutes, because i'd like to kick this idea around with you on this upcoming bid......;-)